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Change your reality on short notice

Today I want to share with you an awesome example of how the Law of Attraction works in our lives.

I have permission from my client to share his story with the intention that it inspires you to take control of your vibrational offering to the universe.

So my client handles a big team at work and was confronted with some unwanted system break downs. Which resulted in him being called in by his immediate supervisors boss.

(Since his immediate boss was away, my client had to report directly into the big boss)

Now the big boss let all hell loose on my client. The interaction was unpleasant, humiliating and disrespectful. The senior boss was really angry and not at all regulated in his interaction with my client.

My client walked away feeling angry, disrespected, devalued and upset.

That is when our work together started. We were lucky to have a day off in between, before he had to go back to work and submit a report on the whats and whys of the system break down.

Remember like attracts like. So if you continue feeling anger and devalued then you will continue to attract situations that add to that feelings of anger and being upset.

Step 1 - My client had to acknowledge how he was feeling and what fears and insecurities were coming up because of the trouble he was in at work.

Step 2 - Dissipate the anger - He worked on identifying which boundary of his was breached in his interaction with the big boss that made him feel angry. Once he figured out that his contribution at work was questioned and his integrity as an employee was challenged. He did the following things to repair the broken boundary.

  • He decided at some time in the future once all of this was resolved he will definitely let the person in question know that he did not appreciate being spoken to in that manner.

  • We then worked together to craft a story around why the big boss reacted in that manner - He felt out of control, he felt scared about the impact of this system break down on his own career. He might not be a balanced , centered person himself. He might have issues around how he handles stress and might be challenged in his communication style in high pressure situations. This process helps change your energy towards the person who has caused you to get angry and upset. It even helps in empathizing with the person who couldn't handle his emotions.

Step 3 - Build back the lost sense of self value - My client felt very shaken after the unpleasant interaction with his boss and started to question his own value. To build back this sense of value and raise his vibration he did the following.

  • Made a list of instances when in the past he got appreciated for the amazing work he had done. He listed down in writing all his accomplishments at work and in general in his career.

  • Meditated to connect with his higher self ( He was already familiar with Dr Joe Dispenza's meditation)

Step 4 - Getting clear with what he wanted to experience - He wanted to experience peace and harmony at work when he returned the next day. He wanted to feel supported and even appreciated.

Step 5 - How will it feel if you got what you wanted? He would feel - Relief, Better, lighter and more relaxed. He would feel happy and at peace. He activated these feelings by meditating before sleeping and imagining the next day going the way he wanted it to.

What really happened the next day ?

His first meeting for the day was with the big boss. He went up to him with the report he needed to take him through regarding the system break down. His boss looked at him and said that he didn't want to go through it now and will wait for my clients direct supervisor to return and then address the issue . So the day went peacefully for my client without having to deal with another angry outburst.

The day after his boss returned and went through in detail what had happened in his absence. He was very supportive of my client and appreciated the effort he was making to resolve it. He also mentioned that my client should not take the big boss's comments personally. He even shared the engagement score that came in that day regarding the team that my client was responsible for. And my client was so happy seeing a really good engagement score that the team had given him.

As you can see a situation that could have escalated into something really unpleasant for my client changed for the better because he deliberately took responsibility for his vibration and thoughts.

I hope this example reminds you that even when things get really bad. you can manage your vibration and attract a better outcome.

Having a coach by your side to support and guide you through such tricky situations will help you manage your vibration effectively in the shortest amount of time.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need support and guidance in using the Law of Attraction to improve your life circumstances.

You can reach me at

Being of service to you is my life's purpose and mission.

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