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How I leverage the Law of Attraction to raise my kids.

I live my life using the principles of the Law of Attraction so naturally when it came to raising my kids I used the same principles which resulted in an experience that gave me a great deal of pleasure as a parent.

As you probably already know, children respond to energy really well. So the statement "Like attracts like" holds really true for kids.

In other words if I want my children to cooperate, thrive, eat and sleep well then I have to activate the feelings of ease, calm, happiness and peace in me because that is how I would feel if they were thriving and happy.

So then, it really comes down to me and my inner world. Am I happy? Am I calm? Am I at peace?

As deliberate creators we know that we can only activate these feelings for ourselves if what we are paying attention to is what makes us happy, calm and peaceful.

So the key is what are you paying attention to?

Are you paying attention to the fact that they don't eat well, they don't do their homework or that they are lagging behind at school?

Or do you focus and spend your precious energy noticing how pure they are, how adorable they are, how well they respond to you ?

This one aspect has made my journey in raising my kids really pleasant. It's not to say I don't have my bad days or moments. But I know that most of the times it is because I am not feeling centered, balanced and calm.

Now you might be in a situation where it is hard for you to access the emotions of happy and calm just yet while you deal with situations regarding your kids that are unwanted or maybe unpleasant. Usually these situations are around -

eating, sleeping, behavior and health.

Here are some things that you could keep in mind while you interact with your children.

  • Remind yourself that you are not responsible for their happiness, you are responsible only for your own happiness. If you are in the right state of mind, you will have access to solutions and information that will help you resolve the problem you are facing with your child.

  • Know that when you feel good, you are in a vibrationally powerful place and from here you can intend that your children eat well or sleep well and then that is what you will attract.

  • Provided that you support your intention by paying attention to what you like about your children rather than what you don't.

  • And sometimes it might just be better to get off the subject of what bothers you.

As an example,let's say it really bothers you that your child doesn't eat well. You know your worrying and fretting about this situation will only make it worse as what you pay attention to becomes bigger in your experience. Instead try this, Spend some time early morning imagining and visualizing your child eating really well. Then activate the feelings of feeling calm and peaceful the rest of the day. At meal times, gently remind your child to eat well but don't nag. If possible stand back or get busy in the kitchen while your children eat at the table. Keep the mood light and easy. In most likelihood the change of energy in you and in the mood of your home will inspire your child to eat by themselves. If , for some reason they don't eat well, you should continue staying aligned to what you want. Don't make your child not eating well the reason for you to lose your alignment with source. When you are not aligned and therefore not feeling good, you cannot influence or inspire your child to eat better. So prioritize how you are feeling over anything else and see magic happen in your life.

  • Choose a perspective that serves you well - Most of us grew up unaware that we can choose how we perceive things. We do not always have to end up with a perspective that makes us feel uncomfortable or one that adds to our suffering. You gain a perspective based on what you are telling yourself about what you are observing.Tell yourself a story that makes you feel better about the situation not worse. This will make you perceive the situation in a new light and makes you a match to solutions that were not visible to you previously.

So if I observe my child being defiant and answering back to me, I will tell myself that she has survival skills and knows how to get what she wants. This puts me in a better frame of mind to then in a calm, gentle yet firm way remind her that she can get what she wants if she asks for it nicely. On the other hand if I tell myself, that she is disrespecting me and is challenging me, I will get angry, lose my cool and end up pushing her away when she needed me to step up and be a good leader/parent. The pay off is that such incidents don't happen often and it fosters a better relationship with my child.

If you want support in figuring out how you can improve your relationship with your children, please reach out to me at

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