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Things we can learn from observing children

I have two kids presently but even if you don't have any kids, I invite you to find opportunities to observe kids because we have much to gain from them in terms of learning to live a joyful life.

I generally am quiet fascinated by how the human brain and consciousness works.

And what I find very interesting from years of talking to adults is that we as adults think and behave very differently to children. You might be thinking of course , what is new about that ?

But I want you to look at this difference from the Law of Attraction perspective and see if we can learn something from children that will inspire us to get a better hang of our vibration and how we feel moment to moment.

Here is some of what I have observed in my children -

  • They naturally and organically put their attention on what gives them pleasure. While we have trained ourselves out of this natural ability and tend to focus on that one or for some many things that are not right in our lives.

  • When children do observe or experience something that displeases them, they get really upset, they don't very often suppress their emotions. The process of throwing a tantrum or a fit over what displeases them releases that energy and when they get distracted they even forget what they were upset about. We, on the other hand experience something negative and then re live those moments again and agai , deepening the impact of that experience, and adding meaning to what happened to us. This clearly doesn't serve us.

  • Children keep their thoughts simple. We over think, over analyze and therefore complicate our lives.

  • I have seen time and time again especially with the little ones that I just can't get them excited about a future event. This aspect of them fascinates me because as adults we are so conscious of time and measure each of our successes and failures against time. I try to be more present in the now, letting go of what I want in the future or what I might have experienced in the past. This immediately makes me feel calm and grounded in the now.

  • Their sense of value and worth is a given and not dependent on any external thing. They feel worthy irrespective of what they have or not. I am loving getting better at valuing myself unconditionally, no matter what my achievements or failures are.

Do you have children of your own or have you observed other children? Please share here what you thought was inspiring about children.

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