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  • Nikky

Deal with the fear, doubt and worry.

Today, I want to talk about fear, doubt and worry.

Let's be honest we all feel it at some point or other in our lives and some of us feel it more often and even chronically.

In terms of the Law of Attraction what does it mean when you feel strong emotions like Fear and Worry.

Simply put, when you are fearful it means you are focusing your attention on a situation or an experience that you don't want to experience.

So when you are feeling fearful before an important presentation, you probably are putting your attention on an imagined scenario where you mess up the presentation or fall short of your audience's expectations.

Or when you are worried about how you will pay the bills next month, it is because you might be paying attention to a scenario where you are short of money.

In both these examples, the imagined scenario feels very real either because you have previously been in those situations or because your current reality as it is now is unwanted heading towards that future scenario that you are playing out in your head.

As deliberate creators we know what we pay attention to becomes bigger and more real.

So one of the best ways to flip the Fear, Worry or Doubt is to consistently and stubbornly focus on what you want and how you want that situation to work out.

Some fear and worry, is deep rooted within us , hard wired in our brain and embedded in our subconscious. The root of which is usually a adapted thought process from our childhood years from observing our parents or originates from experiences we had as a child.

In such cases, meditation and affirmations used while meditating help in reminding ourselves that we are safe, all is well and that the universe has our back.

People who are invested in their self growth and development also use self talk to help themselves navigate their emotions to make the emotions work for them rather than against them. This is a sign of emotional intelligence.

Talking to yourself helps you reason with your emotions and push through strong emotions like fear. The result of which helps you enjoy life to its fullest.

I encourage you to not let Fear and Worry stop you from taking the first step towards what you desire. You just have to show up and be in motion. The universe will do the heavy lifting and support you in your journey.

Reach out to me at for more support and guidance.

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