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  • Nikky

It's all in the meaning.

Did you know that you could give meaning to things that make you feel better or worse?

I am sure you are exclaiming that things already have meaning given to them and that is how it is.

But consider this - does the meaning that is given to events have to be permanent and applicable for everyone?

Can I not choose to give a meaning that makes me feel better.

The whole purpose of being a deliberate creator is to take control of what happens in your life.

And so to be a successful creator of your life experience you have to get better at paying attention to what feels good. But what if you are experiencing a situation that is unpleasant and has you feeling sad, upset, hurt or angry .

It's at those times you examine the meaning you have been giving to the various parts of that situation.

Let me explain further.

If someone snaps at you at work , do you think that that person was mean to you or that people hurt you often.

Or could you choose a meaning that makes you feel better like that person must have been having a really bad day !

Let's take another example.

If you fail at something you really wanted to succeed at.

Does that mean you will never succeed, or you will always fail or mess up or you got it wrong this time.

Or could you choose to believe that this failure just means that you got to learn something important about the process that will help you succeed big time.

It's like when my father abandoned us when I was 16 years old and just vanished from our lives. I gave a spin to that story and do believe that we were a vibrational mismatch with him that caused him to leave rather than believe that he didn't love us anymore because that meaning meant that I would have to live with that pain all my life. You can read more about this story here.

You get the point, right !

Eventually you get so good at this that things that were a big deal for you previously, that perhaps shook your world wouldn't even bother you.

What you feel predominantly is what you attract so getting good at this skill will help you feel better in general.

If you need any support in helping you feel better, please reach out to me at

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