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Is "Being successful" a state of mind?

Today I want to share with you what I learned about

" being successful"

I have been thinking a lot about the word successful.

I have been asking these tough yet insightful questions to myself.

Does successful mean that I earn well?

Does it mean I have a full roster of clients ?

Does it mean that I have a number of projects on my plate?

Does it mean I am a good wife, mother or daughter ?

The answer for me was as unique as I am. When I dug deeper, I realized for me , being happy and feeling moments of joy through my day was how I define

" being successful".

And I concluded that I didn't need any thing to change in my external circumstances to feel successful. I know how to activate happiness and joy for myself. And I can do that by using all the tools and practices that I have learned and now teach my clients.

Two things happen when I take control of how I feel. Specifically when I activate the feelings of being successful. One, I start to feel really good and two, I see my reality start to change right in front of my eyes. I get more client inquiries, I see more things and opportunities show up that match my " I am successful vibe".

So let me get You to start thinking of what is your understanding of the word successful.

What do you define as " Being successful"?

For you, your answer might be different and as unique as you are.

But here is what I would like you to consider.

If you make something in your external world, your job, a promotion, more money, more clients or more opportunities the reason for you to feel successful. Then you also set yourself up to never really feel satisfied or successful. Because paradoxically the very thing that you think will make you feel successful is just one piece of the bigger picture. Once you get what you want, you will be onto the next thing that you think you need to achieve to feel more successful.

I am not saying that it is not important to strive for things that give you joy or to do better. What I am suggesting is that you take control of how you are feeling now and use your external circumstances to enhance that joy or that feeling of

" Being successful"

You see we are a sum of our vibration, and if we have a chronic habit of looking at what others have achieved or for always reaching for the next best thing then we are not giving permission to ourselves to really feel lasting happiness and joy. And we end up always chasing a target. The achievement of which might give us temporary relief until we are off chasing the next shiny object. This leaves us feeling less than enough and unfulfilled.

I invite you to give the gift of activating the - I am successful vibration to your self.

You could do that in the following ways

  • Write down affirmations starting with " I am successful at ......" and list the areas in which you already feel successful.

  • Define and give meaning to what successful means to you in a manner that serves you well rather than that which leaves you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

  • Meditate - Feel the energy around you reminding you that you are complete, whole, special and successful just the way you are.

If you need support in activating this feeling , I would love to talk you through it.

You can reach me at

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