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How I shifted from feeling really crappy and tearful to feeling loved and peaceful

Last week was tough for me. And at the end of the week after I analyzed what had happened I learned some valuable lessons that I know have helped me expand and evolve. So here is a story that I want to share with you. One that taught me to Always and Always listen to my intuition. Your intuition is your inner guidance or that whisper that you hear that is so subtle sometimes that you might not even hear it. In this instance, we ( My family) met another couple who were potential friends at a cafe for lunch and my intuition sent me guidance which was loud and clear. My intuition said stay away from the woman who we had just met. I shared this with my husband afterwards and he said supportively that if it doesn't feel right let’s just not pursue this friendship. I on the other hand ignored my guidance and decided using my logical side of my brain to meet them again and again. My logical mind said that you don't even know them, give them a chance, all people are nice, they seem nice , you could become good friends and so on. Anyhow we met a few times and then bam !! last week the person in question and I had a big showdown when I was at my most vulnerable point. I was opening up to her about my life and my past and there I was at the receiving end of a very nasty outburst from her. Without going into details I was definitely shaken up and hurt. I felt really crappy for that whole day. Needless to say we parted ways.

But here is what I learned from that experience. Always listen to my intuition. If someone’s or some place’s energy doesn’t feel right honor that feeling and change plans accordingly. You see intuition and feelings is the language of the universal energy that surrounds us. We will always benefit from acting according to this guidance. The second lesson that I learned was that there were some slip ups in my alignment process in these school holidays. My kids are home and I haven't been able to focus that much on my inner work. So if I am not dialing into feeling loved and appreciated on a daily basis, I might attract experiences that make me feel unloved and unappreciated. I have also been emotional about some upheaval going on in my extended family’s lives which has impacted how I was feeling prior to this experience. ( Reminder - Like attracts like) Now, for the work that I did to get myself out of feeling crappy, hurt, vulnerable and sorry for myself.

  • Firstly I let the feelings sink in. In other words I felt the feelings that were coming up completely. And I reminded myself that it’s ok to feel them.

  • I also reminded myself that she did the best that she could. That she was being the best that she could be according to her level of consciousness. She might have had a story behind what triggered her to behave in that nasty mean way.

  • That helped a bit. But I still felt heavy in my heart. So I meditated , my 40 minutes long Dr Joe Dispenza meditation. I did it to connect to source/universe and to feel the love flowing through me. I did it to come back into balance. I did it to remind myself that I am loved.

  • That made a huge difference in lifting the gloom. But I needed to do more. So for the rest of the day and the next day when ever I remembered I breathed consciously reminding myself that every time I breathe in- I breath in love, light, positive universal energy and every time I breathe out- I breathe out all the horrible stuff and negativity I had experienced.

  • I also affirmed to myself that I am special. That is one of my favorite affirmations. You see, it is when you don’t feel special that it becomes emotional when you have such experiences. Those of whom I know, who naturally feel special, are much more resilient in deflecting such nastiness from other people. For me I have learned through years of practice to dial in to feeling special. And on most days I do feel it. Though it’s a process and it’s never really done or complete rather it’s ever going.

  • I also sat down and wrote about what I do want to experience. Clarity always comes after contrast so I made use of this opportunity to get clear with what kind of experiences and what kind of people I would like to attract to myself.

I am feeling much better now. Getting my groove back and feeling my usual sunny self. I felt inspired to share my story with you in the hope that if you come across someone who doesn’t treat you well, it will help you deal with your emotions and bounce back. Because how you feel is all about you.

Write to me at and share your story with me.

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