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Become a master manifester with this one habit

Most deliberate creators are good at using processes like visualization, vision boards and gratitude journals to manifest what they desire.

However in my experience in my own life and the lives of the lovely people I coach, I have

observed that what we do in the rest of the day is what helps us manifest what we want.

Let me elaborate on that, let's say you woke up in the morning and wrote in your gratitude journal about what you are grateful for in your life and then before sleeping you sat in silence and visualized what having your desire manifested will feel like. But in between those two practices you spent your day getting annoyed at the traffic that you encountered going to work, you stressed about the presentation that you had to deliver at work and whenever the thought of what you want came to your mind you felt pangs doubt and fear.

You see when we spend more time doubting whether we will get what we want and fearing what we will do if we are not able to manifest what we want then we start to feel anxious or heavy in our heart which is the vibration we are offering to the universe.

And this vibrational instruction decoded by the universe is basically shouting in bold " I don't have what I want"

And since like attracts like, you are only setting yourself up for more of "I don't have what I want"

So the number one habit that you can cultivate that will not only help you feel better through the day but also manifest what you want really quickly is to pivot to what you want every time you feel doubt or fear or anxious feelings come up.

You can do this by asking yourself

" What do I want ?" and then ask " How will that feel?"

These questions will bring to your awareness that at present you are not feeling aligned to what you want and will help you pivot to feeling like you would if you got what you wanted.

It's a small shift but has big impacts on your vibration and what you attract in your life.

The idea here is to be so consistent in your instruction to your brain that in time you will be hard wiring the feelings of what it would feel like if you got what you wanted. Then every time you think about your desire you will feel a rush of excitement, eagerness and joy and this process happens naturally and organically.

Here is a story that will illustrate to you how this process works

A few years ago when we had just moved to Australia, I was on the look out for a preschool/daycare for my son. I went to at least 10 centers in our neighborhood and beyond to be told that they have no vacancies and that I was too late in putting my sons name on the waiting list.

Naturally, I felt worry and doubt creep in. And every time it did I asked myself " What do you want , Nikky ?" and of course that made me get clear with what I wanted which was for my son to get through a preschool that was ideal for him.

Then I asked myself " How would that feel ?" The answer to that made me dial into feeling relaxed, at ease, happy that my son had got a place in a preschool.

A few months went by and I stayed stubbornly consistent to focusing on feeling happy and relaxed every time my gremlin put fear and doubt in me until it started to feel like what I wanted was going to happen one way or another.

Then one day, in the lift to my apartment, I saw a pamphlet advertising a new daycare/preschool center opening close by. In half and hour I had googled them, called them shaking with excitement , enrolled him and paid a deposit for him to join the next month.

This particular center turned out to be amazing. My second one too is going to the same center and I can't praise it enough for how fantastic it is.

As a deliberate creator I know it was my consistent vibrational instruction to the universe that made me manifest this amazing center.

I invite you to improve your awareness of how you are feeling moment to moment so that you can redirect your focus to what you want and activate the feelings of how it would feel for you if you got what you wanted. Do it often enough and you will experience changes in your reality within a day or two or sometimes even hours.

You can reach out to me at for more support and guidance.

All the best in your manifesting journey xx

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