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21 things I would tell my 21 year self ....

I feel like a different person from who I was when I was 21 years old. Not because I am older and wiser but because of what I have learnt about deliberate creation and my connection with source or my higher self. Today when I talk to my 8 year old son, I passionately share with him what I have learnt and experienced so that he can make the most of his childhood and later his youth.

So if I had a chance to share with my 21 year self what I know now I would tell her this

  1. You are beautiful, precious and unique. You do not need to fit in with everyone else and be anyone other than who you are naturally.

  2. That life is not hard. That life is not a struggle unless you choose it to be.

  3. That feeling joy in your heart is enough to create and attract everything you have ever desired.

  4. That unhappy painful journeys do not have happy outcomes.

  5. That you are loved by the universe and connecting to your joy is the way to feel that love.

  6. To just breathe and that every breath is evidence that you are loved and all is well.

  7. To fail, to be ok with failing , to embrace not being the best always and to appreciate the lows too.

  8. To take risks and to be more adventurous. There is no safe path except the one that we tell ourselves is safe.

  9. To use the power of deliberate creation - what you think and feel is what you attract. The choice is yours. Choose thoughts, stories and perceptions that make you feel good rather than bad.

  10. That you don't have to go upstream. Choose the path of least resistance and it will take you where you want to go.

  11. To stand up for yourself because you are your closest ally and creator of your own life.

  12. To be light and easy about everything.

  13. To know that its not always black or white. Right or wrong. Sometimes you could be right and the other person could also be right.

  14. Choose to be happy rather than to be always acknowledged as right.

  15. To honor your body. To nourish it with the right food. To move so that you can feel the movement of energy within you.

  16. Learn yoga.

  17. Learn to meditate.

  18. Do more of what you love rather than what others think will make you successful.

  19. Play a sport or two or more.

  20. Travel even if you can only afford to travel locally.

  21. Learn how to manage your money in a healthy way to pave your way towards financial freedom. ( I intend to teach my children Harv Ekers Jars method of money management)

What would you have liked to tell your younger self ? And if you are in early adulthood does this resonate with you.

I would love to hear from you so please share your thoughts with me either in the comments below or at

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