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The ten most powerful questions you can ask yourself.

Questions are very powerful. When you get good at asking yourself questions, you are allowing yourself to pause to reflect what is going on in your brain.

It makes you think about what story you are weaving about what you are experiencing in life at that moment. Asking questions reveals your thought patterns to yourself. And most importantly questions help you focus on what you want to create in your life.

So here are the ten most important questions that can change the trajectory of where you are heading on a day to day basis.

1. What do you want ?

When you become aware of some negative emotion in you , ask yourself

"What do you want ?". This is my favorite question and I ask this to myself every time I feel disappointed, frustrated or sad. It immediately redirects my focus to what I want rather than what is causing me to feel negative emotion. So next time you are feeling hurt because someone was mean to you, I invite you to ask yourself " What do you want ?" and then get busy thinking , imagining and talking about what you want. You want people to appreciate you, love you or acknowledge you. Then think about how that would make you feel. Expect it to happen. Remember the times people have appreciated you. This exercise is a great Vibration lifter.

2. What's good about this moment ?

Just asking this light and wonderful question will uplift you in the present moment. Asking this question forces you to pause and observe your environment with a sort of flashlight looking for whats wonderful about your present moment. I use this question often in my day even when things are going well. It helps me to appreciate what I might overlook or take for granted. And we all know, the more we appreciate the higher our vibration rises and the more wonderful we feel.

3. What can you give thanks for ?

Ask yourself this question when you start to feel your energy dip or in those moments when you are feeling a bit low. When you deliberately focus on what you can give thanks for it redirects your focus to those parts of your life that are already doing well. It makes you appreciate all the small and big things that you already have going good in your life.

4. What thoughts preceded the feeling you are experiencing?

This question brings into awareness the thoughts and stories that you have been weaving in your head that are making you feel in a certain way. Knowing what thoughts and stories preceded your current feelings empowers you to then deliberately choose to think in a way that makes you feel better. As deliberate creators you know that even though the reality that you are experiencing might be unwanted or unpleasant, you can choose to tell a story of what you are observing and experiencing that makes you feel better rather than worse.

5. Is it more important to be right or to feel good ?

I am very passionate about certain things in my life especially the way my family and I live our lives as conscious creators of our reality. And many times I come across friends and even other family members who don't feel the same way as I do. In those interactions I always ask myself this question - " Is it more important for me to be right or to feel good ?" I consciously try not get involved in discussions where I can feel the feelings of frustration, anger or judgement coming up. Because for me its more important to feel good than to be right. I prioritize my feelings ( My vibration and alignment ) over being proven right or being acknowledged by others as right.

On another note, I have come to believe that there is no right or wrong way. Everyone gets to be right from their own perspective.

6. What boundary of yours has been breached that is making you angry ?

This one I learnt from a brilliant coach I know Janette Dalgliesh. This question is what I use when I get angry. It makes me pause and reflect about which boundary of mine has been breached that is making me feel angry. And sometimes just becoming aware of which boundary has been pushed can help you redirect your thoughts to remind yourself that " All is well". In some cases you will be inspired to have a conversation with the person involved and let them know in clear terms how you would like to be treated.

7. Am I feeling worthy or special ?

This question is a good way to check in with yourself when you feel low. Most times if you are in a funk, it is usually because you are feeling less than special or are not feeling worthy in some way. Once you feel your inner guidance is pointing towards your self worth, it is up to you to remind yourself of how precious and special you are.

8. Are you focused on the lack of your desire or on your desire ?

This is a golden nugget of a question, especially when you feel you are wishing and hoping for something to manifest and it still hasn't. When you are focused on the lack of your desire, you are pushing away the very exact thing you want to manifest. On the other hand focusing on your desire will feel uplifting and joyful. And will help you manifest what you want faster.

9. Are you respecting your children ?

I have two kids and naturally they are a big part of my learning to manage my alignment while taking care of them. I invite you to ask this question to yourselves if you have kids because what I have found is that one of the big reasons that I find it really easy to raise them and nurture them is because I respect them. The more you can respect your children through your behavior, language, tone and energy the better they will respond to you. And the more you will enjoy this journey.

10. Are you taking action with alignment or out of fear ?

This question is helpful when you are about take an action. It's a good way to check in with yourself if you are aligned to taking the action that you are about take or you are doing it out of fear of something happening because if you are taking an action as a way to safeguard yourself from what you fear then you are actually attracting to yourself the very thing that you are fearful about. So get aligned first and then take the action, only if you are inspired to. You can read more about aligned action here.

I would love to hear what other questions you use to help manage your vibration

( thoughts, feelings and energy)

Please reach out to me at for more juicy stuff that can help you mange your vibration.

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