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  • Nikky

What raises your vibration higher and faster? Appreciation or Gratitude

Last week I spent more time than usual becoming aware of my inner world, my emotions, my beliefs and the vibration that I have been offering to the universe.

And I realized that when I am in any given moment appreciating something in my reality I feel really good.

Abe says the vibration of appreciation is way up there along with love. Those are the two highest vibying emotions.

Now growing up we were always taught to be grateful for what we have and most people use gratitude to improve their vibration and attract better things in their lives.

But a easier and faster route would be to cultivate the skill of appreciating.

For when you offer gratitude which in itself is a great exercise to do, it still brings on the awareness in you of why you are grateful.

Like when you offer gratitude for the money you have to pay your bills , you are also becoming aware that many people don't even have enough to pay their bills. You might also be aware of the fact that what you have could be taken away from you or lost all of a sudden. These thoughts are subtle but run in the background.

I have noticed when I offer gratitude for anything good in my life, it also makes me think about what would my life be without the thing that I am grateful for. Its kind of a fleeting thought but it does dilute the positive energy of being grateful.

Your experience of offering gratitude will be unique to you.

But I invite you to become aware of what happens within you when you offer gratitude and make a note of it.

And then try appreciating.

When you appreciate there is no room for anything but the focus on the subject of your appreciation.

Like for example when I offer gratitude for the good health of my children, I am in a way thinking - I am grateful they are healthy because they have not been sick for a while and a lot of kids around me are falling sick.

In contrast to that, when I stay present in every moment and appreciate how my kids are thriving, laughing , playing and are being adorably silly - I am in pure appreciation. This vibration is purer and more easy flowing .

So this week I intend to spend more time noticing the various elements of my life and then just appreciate what pleases me .

It's like when you first fall in love , you appreciate your lover with all sincerity or when you hold your baby in your arms you flow with pure appreciation.

Or when you eat something delicious you appreciate how those tastes feel in your mouth.

Why can we not appreciate the more mundane things in our life like - the money we earn , the house we live in , our relationships , our body or our connection with our higher self in the same manner.

I am going to consciously try this exercise for the next 7 days and see how it affects my vibration in the present moment and how it affects my life from the outside.

On that note I am going to step out tonight to appreciate, not offer gratitude but show pure appreciation for the beautiful super moon that is due to come out soon.

Share with me in the comments your experience of using appreciation to raise your vibration.

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