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Let's meditate

In 2015 my husband and I traveled from Sydney to Melbourne to attend the Progressive workshop on Meditation and Quantum physics by Dr Joe Dispenza. This is my experience of that workshop. Firstly I have been practicing the principles of Law of attraction and Abrahams work for many years now. And I had an asking to add another tool to the various processes that I was following to align myself to source. And what I learnt in this workshop was exactly that and much more. Dr Joe Dispenza teaches a certain type of meditation in his workshop that uses Quantum mechanics and our energy field. What is interesting is that he teaches the science behind what Abraham talks about. Like he teaches we can stop re- living our past and create a new ideal future by focusing on our ideal future instead of repeating our past patterns of thought, behavior and action Which is like focusing on what we want rather than on what we don’t want. In Dr Joe’s meditation, he first helps us to change our body's energy and take control of our body by directing energy to our mind instead of our body. In other words he guides us to become more energy and less matter.

In this first stage of the meditation he asks us to breathe in a specific way that activates our Cerebral Spinal Fluid which in turn activates our pineal gland, which is located in the middle of our head and which spiritually says connects us to our higher self. He then guides us to choose a potential of reality from the quantum field that we want to experience in our life. In other words choose a desire that we want to manifest. We then have to experience this potential in our mind as if we are living it now. ( again similar objective to why we script or visualize) And because during our meditation we are more energy than matter we are able to communicate with the quantum field to let it know the potential that we want to experience. So what happens then is when we get up from our meditation we have changed our identity to be one who has experienced that particular potential already. This changes our body and mind and aligns it to what we want. In other words we are then vibrating at the same frequency as what we want.

Then, we have to experience the manifestation of our desire and in a manner that is most unexpected and we will know that we caused it to happen because of our own energy.

I thought I will also share a really cool story of how I experienced the magic of meditation the very first time.

So before going for this meditation course, my husband had told me that he will be traveling to London in September for a course at the London Business school. It was the second part of the course for which he was nominated for by his employer.

He had already traveled in the beginning of the year and really wanted me and the kids to join him this time to visit London and perhaps another country in Europe.

As part of our fun " What if " process , we talked often about which country we would visit if were to go on this holiday. We decided Spain would be a great idea. We then opened the map and randomly chose a city in the south of Spain, Malaga as the place that we would visit.

Now I had never heard of Malaga, and had to even check how it was pronounced.

And there was no practical plan made to travel as we hadn't really budgeted for an international holiday that year for the family.

Soon after we both attended the course by Dr Joe Dispenza in Melbourne. During that course we were any way vibrating at a happy frequency and then an unexpected thing happened, Dr Joe Dispenza mentioned the city of Malaga seemingly randomly three times during the three day course. I was blown away, I got the feeling immediately that this was a sign that we will be traveling to Malaga this year. Anyhow once I came back from Melbourne , I meditated on the Spain trip a few times - nice and easy and playfully, for the fun of it. A few weeks later my husband tells me that when he had earlier in the year traveled to London for the first part of this course that he was nominated for, that it was the triple bonus points period to earn frequent flier points and so he had received a big chunk of the points just now much later than usual. On top of that he unexpectedly received close to 100000 additional points more than he had earned from a partner airline. That meant we could book our entire Europe trip to London and Malaga from Sydney for free, on the points, for us and the kids !!! The way this manifestation played out was completely unexpected and there was no doubt in my mind that I had attracted it to us. This is a story that I will be repeating many times to myself and others to remind us deliberate creators that we can influence our reality and create experiences for ourselves just by our focus and vibration.

I invite you to try meditation, any meditation, if not Dr Joe Dispenza's guided one , to not only feel fantastic in the present moment but also as a creative tool to create the life you desire.

You can reach me at nikky@happydayscoaching to learn more about deliberate creation and how to get happy. And if you want to learn more about Dr Joe Dispenza's meditations you can go here - Dr Joe Dispenza homepage.

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