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How to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life when s#!& hap

Firstly, know that I love you.

Yes, you.

I love that you care about yourself and your life enough to land on this page, on this post.

I love you because your inner being is part of the same source/universe/god that mine is part of.

My intention with today's post is to inspire you to take control of your life and your feelings especially if you are in the midst of some heavy contrast. Contrast, meaning experiencing what is unwanted and unpleasant.

Life isn't always meant to go your way. More on why I say that, on another day.

Sometimes s#!& just happens and it's in those days when you have to have your kit of tools and steps ready for you to use to climb your way out of whichever pit you find yourself stuck in.

So here is how you can leverage the Law of Attraction to get out of whatever mess you find yourself in.

  1. Accept and acknowledge fully whatever you are feeling. If you are grieving, feel the grief completely. Cry , howl or curl up. But feel it and let it wash over you. If you are angry, scream, shout or vent. If you are sad, sulk, sob or cry. Objective here is to really sink in to whatever emotions are coming up for you in whatever you are experiencing.

  2. Then sleep. Take a nap. Sleeping resets your vibration. It takes the bite off whatever you are feeling. You will get up feeling a notch or more, better, guaranteed.

  3. Now next , know that whatever you are going through in the form of contrast is necessary for you to expand or become closer to who you really are. Who you really are is an extension of source/universe. So when you face contrast it helps you get clear on what you do want. And then as you start to work your way to becoming a match to what you want , you align to your higher self and that is the creative process for which we come here. The creative process of attracting to ourselves what we desire.

  4. Next step is to deliberately and consciously love yourself up. Talk to yourself, find nice things to say to your self, highlight your strengths, spend time with yourself, sit in silence, meditate if you can. Affirm to yourself " I am loved by the universe". Feel the love when you are still, when you close your eyes, when you are in the sun, when you smell flowers, when you pet a dog. That's the love that the universe is showering on you. When your heart feels warm and fuzzy that's the universe's love.

  5. Move, walk or workout. Any kind of physical activity will get the stagnant heavy energy moving within you. So step out and move. Whatever makes you feel better. Whether its a swim, a walk, a workout, yoga or just dance.

  6. Focus on what is going good. Even when everything in your life is falling apart you can always find something in your life that you can appreciate. Shift your focus from what is not working to what is. Be stubborn about this step. Be consistent. When ever you catch yourself focusing on what is falling apart, redirect your focus to even the smallest thing that is working in your life. Do this to feel relief. To feel better. As you get consistent, you will become a match to solutions, to perspectives and opportunities that will help you improve your life experience.

  7. Observe the language you are using to describe to yourself whatever you are experiencing. Remember you can choose to tell a story that makes you feel worse or one that makes you feel better. The reality that you are experiencing will reflect and change according to your response to it. That is how the universe works.

  8. Once you have got a hang of step 1 to 7 then you can start investing some energy in intending what you want to create next for yourself and your life. You can start my intending, imagining and visualizing what you desire. I do recommend you do this step only once you are feeling better and are in the vicinity of feeling optimistic and hopeful rather than when you are in the midst of grief, angst or despair.

Remember that the objective of these steps is not to just get through the process of doing the things listed above but actually reaching for emotions that are better than what you were feeling previously.

I have used these steps myself many times and feel that as I practice these processes over and over again, I get better at managing unwanted experiences and turning them around.

If you are in the midst of some messy stuff and want support and guidance to get out of it, reach out to me at

Coaches are key to your healing just like doctors as they can help, guide and coach you towards your highest joy. Everyone needs one. I get coached too and value my experience with them.

Sending you lots of love and good vibes.

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