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The Power of Focus

Lately I have been having a lot of conversations about improving life circumstances with the Power of Focus.

Which inspired me to share with you about this very important aspect of our human experience especially as a deliberate creator.

Fundamentally, whatever you are focusing on , is what you attract to yourself.

So as you live your life and go about your daily activities , you come across a myriad of experiences, situations and observations.

With the power of your focus, if you only focus on what you want, what you like, what you enjoy and what gives you pleasure then you, in your vibration offering to the universe are broadcasting the message - " More of this please".

Conversely , if you focus on what you don't want, what you don't like and what upsets you then you are attracting more of the same in your life.

So inspite of knowing this why do so many of us including me at times get stuck in observing and focusing on what we don't like.

Lets delve into that a bit deeper.

But first, How DO we focus on wanted or unwanted stuff in our life ?

We focus by -

  • First noticing an unwanted experience

  • Then we build a story around that experience that we repeat to ourselves and others

  • While we are doing this we attach emotions to the story - Like frustration, sadness, anger etc.

  • Then as we focus on how upset we are, we once again look externally to what is causing us to feel in this manner and that makes us remember the story all over again and we perpetuate this viscous cycle.

So what are the payoffs of continuing to focus on what we don't want.

  • Firstly it takes motivation, energy and discipline to change a chronic way of being.

  • When we feel we our a victim of our circumstances then we don't have to believe that we can change them.

  • By not being deliberate in our focus, we let ourselves believe that something external to us , is making us feel in a certain way.

  • We don't have to take responsibility of how we feel and what we attract.

  • And if we don't take responsibility for when things go bad in our life, then we don't have to do anything about it and wishing and hoping for our fate or luck to change feels like our only option.

Now lets see what are the payoffs of getting deliberate about what we focus on.

  • You will not only feel better by focusing on what you want.

  • But you will also attract more of what you like rather than what you don't like.

  • You will feel empowered in the knowing that you have created the wonderful things that you experience in your daily life and you have done this purely by focusing on what you like.

  • You will experience more harmony, abundance and happiness in all areas of your life when you get deliberate with what you choose to focus on.

So when you come across situations which are unwanted whether it is annoying traffic, your fussing baby, world economy, an irritating client , a thoughtless family member or a big unwanted expense,

choose to deliberately focus on something that gives you pleasure, tell a story of what you have observed that makes you feel good even if it means you use your imagination and creativity to look at the same reality differently.

When I moved to Australia from India, I was very deliberate in choosing to focus on what I like and love about where I was living rather than the parts that made me feel unsure, under confident or unaccepted. As I got stable in my vibration, I came across more situations that made it easy for me to be grateful that I was living in this beautiful country.

In my day to day life while raising my kids and managing my home and business I am always conscious of noticing, observing and remembering what I like about my life here.

And in return the universe has lined up so many wonderful things in my life that add to my abundance, harmony and happiness.

You could do the same as well. Next time you feel negative emotion, check in to see what you are focusing on. Even if your unwanted reality is in your face, choose to redirect your focus on something that gives you relief and makes you feel better and then look for the evidence of magic unfolding in your life.

If you need support in managing your point of focus, I am here to support you. Talking to a coach can help you redirect your focus to what you want and cause huge shifts in your life. Even one conversation can be life transforming so reach out to me at

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