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How to Manifest like a pro ?

I have manifested many things in my life from moving countries to getting pregnant to attracting friends to holidays in Europe to making whales jump out of water for our sightseeing trip to parking spots to getting our Permanent Residency in Australia and many more.

I have also helped many people manifest what they desire including my husband who has manifested promotions and bonuses and much more.

This is not a post to brag about what I have manifested though I am very proud of my manifesting skills because I have cultivated them with practice and an investment of energy .

This post is actually about you. About helping you manifest amazing experiences and things in your life .

So keeping this objective in mind I want to share with you the key steps that were common to all these successful manifestations.

  • In all these manifestations, my desire to want that experience or thing in my life was very strong. It was strong either because I had experienced the opposite of my desire in my life that is contrast in that area or it was strong because there was a sense of urgency like when I wanted to make my family visiting from overseas see the migrating Humpback whales breach while we were on tour on a boat, which was getting ready to turnaround as our time was almost up.

  • The other key step that makes manifesting easy is when I " Get Happy" or activate happiness for myself irrespective of my desire having manifested or not. This step often overlooked by new deliberate creators is actually the one that makes all the difference. I have spent a lot of time and energy understanding what makes me happy. And I urge you to figure that one out for yourselves. Because we are all unique and so what makes you happy will also be unique. So use your creativity to come up with the things that you could do in your current reality, that would give you happiness irrespective of your desire having manifested or not. I have shared some of my tips on this very subject here.

  • I had to make peace with my current reality, knowing that want I want will come to me in divine timing. When you make peace with what you have or even better when you feel gratitude for what you already have in life then you don't have any resistance towards your desire. Resistance is what you feel when you notice that what you want is not here yet. This keeps your desire from being manifested.

  • In all these examples of successful manifestations, I had visualized daily on living my desire. Which means I would visualize my life as if what I want has already happened. I would do this at night just before sleeping as our resistance is naturally lower then. So much so, sometimes I would wake up in the morning not sure, if my manifestation has already happened or yet to happen. The more I did this activity, the more I became familiar with how it would feel when I have manifested what I wanted. This not only made me feel fantastic in the present moment but also solidified my vibration which was a match to what I wanted.

  • For those manifestations which are instant, like parking spots, receiving a phone call from someone I want to be in touch with, the weighing scale showing me as a kilo lighter :) , or making whales breach just in time - what worked for me was balancing the vibration of feeling excitement and joy in that moment, imagining that it is working out the way I want it to and this is key , and really relaxing into the moment. Relaxing is the tricky one but works every single time. If I am relaxed , my breathing is even, my body is relaxed but there is joy and excitement in my heart in the knowing that I have got what I wanted NOW, then it just happens right away.

Now there are many other things that I want that I am still in the process of manifesting, some take longer and some happen sooner. It all depends on how long I take to add consistent energy to my desire while staying reasonably happy in the present moment. Sometimes there is enough momentum towards what I don't want that it takes more energy and time to have an equal or greater momentum towards what I do want.

My learning never stops and I love this process of creating the life I desire which like Abe says

"You can never get it wrong and you can never get it all done"

So here is wishing you enjoy the creative process of attracting to your life whatever you desire.

I want to tell you that your stories are important to me, so please share them with me in the comments or email me. I am there for you.

If you need support or guidance to manifest what you desire, you can reach out to me at

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