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How to get a job that has less work and more money ?

You know how the Law of Attraction says like attracts like, which basically means, what you are feeling now is what you are going to attract more of.

So if you are feeling frustrated or stressed or worried because of what you are experiencing in your reality then as per the law of attraction you are required to first change how you feel and then the universe has to line up circumstances and opportunities that are a match to your new vibration ( your new thoughts and feelings)

A good place to start is to ask yourself " What is it that you DO want ?"

then ask yourself, " How would it feel if you got what you wanted ?"

Now get creative, and start to activate these feelings NOW and as you get more stable in your vibration your circumstances have to change for the better.

Here is a story of a client who was stuck in a challenging situation at work ( I have his permission to share this story, to inspire you in anyway)

So W (Let's just call him that) was finding it stressful working with his boss, he felt unappreciated, he was swamped with work and no clear direction from his supervisors.

He was constantly dreading going to work and found his work environment to be very frustrating.

When we started working together, I asked him the very two questions that I wrote at the top of this post.

What do you want ? - You have to get clear with what you want, if you are unclear about the details of what you want then at least get clear on how you want to feel in the new reality you want to create for yourself.

After getting clear with this very important step, W had to get aligned to what he wanted. For him it was "Less work, fun work and more money"

So then W went about activating the vibration of what he wanted. He had to in-spite of his current reality activate the feeling of ease, fun and generally have an attitude of positive feelings towards his workplace and boss.

With our work together he had a bunch of tools that he used to get this done

Some of which were -

  • List of positive aspects of his boss and his employer

  • Ho'oponopono towards his boss

  • Affirmations - " Easy, fun,less work, more money"

  • And the one that actually lifted his vibe the most was understanding that he did not have to take the responsibility of everything that needed to be done in his department and that he could assign the success of what needed to be done to the universe/god.

  • He also honed in the skill of being mindful with what he was doing in the present moment at work and not let his mind race forward to the enormity of what else was there on his to do list.

These steps gave him a lot of relief and helped him relax into the knowing that things will turn out fine.

Well, I am sure you know how this ends, when you do the work, then the universe has to line up a reality that matches your vibration.

As W got steady at being at ease at work, he got an opportunity from another department which lined up with his career aspirations and taking up that role meant " Less work and more money" !!

And this was just two weeks after starting the process of getting aligned to what he wanted while removing his focus from what was unwanted.

It helps to talk to a person who is outside that situation to help you change your vibration. Whether that is a friend, family member, mentor or in this case a coach.

If you are in a similar situation and want a new perspective on your reality you can reach out to me at

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