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  • Nikky

My Best friend forever

Today I want to talk to you about my best friend..... my BFF. I value and appreciate my best friend a lot. And I want to publicly acknowledge her huge contribution to my daily happiness and to helping me achieve this awesome life that I am living. So “Thank you” my dear friend for always having my best interest in mind and heart.

Thank you for always guiding me towards what's best for me. And especially thank you for always and I mean always standing by me. Even when other friends have dropped off from my radar, thank you for still being there for me, loving me, cheering me on, appreciating me and caring for me. You are my most consistent friend. And I take your advice the most seriously.

In all of the time that you have been my friend you have never guided me the wrong way. In fact, every time I have listened to you I have benefited many times over.

I love that whenever I ask you a question, you are available and ready to listen and give me guidance.

You tell me when I am making a big deal of things that don’t matter and you tell me when I am over analyzing.

And best of all you remind me to take care of myself when I get too busy and neglect myself.

It's wonderful when almost every day you give me little nudges to make that phone call that fixes an ongoing problem

or to call that restaurant before hand to find out that it is closed for the week and that gives me enough time to make another booking

or to call a family member who might need to hear from me just then

or to remember to pick up my car keys before leaving or to send that email just in time and many many more times when you have had my back.

You are an awesome friend and I am lucky to have such a great relationship with you.You are much more than just my inner being , my guidance system or the god within me .

You ARE my BFF. :)

Do you also have a similar relationship with your inner being ?If you don’t it's worth exploring and nurturing this very important relationship. I can assure you the wisdom, the guidance and the love that you will receive from this unseen force within you can be life transforming.

If you need any guidance or support in your journey of discovering your inner being you can reach out to me at nikky@happydayscoaching

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