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  • Nikky

I used my power of focus to get out of a sticky situation

Last few weeks I have been on a family holiday overseas. And as you might have experienced when large groups of family members get together it could get tricky for most people. Vibrations clash, differing points of views reach boiling point, irritability sets in, old patterns of thinking reemerge, old wounds open up and victim mindset creeps up ( they are doing this to me, it's not fair , I deserve better ) I was confronted by a situation that I looked at as unpleasant and distasteful. That made me feel unhappy, irritated and even angry at the situation and the person responsible. And this is a person who I love deeply. I felt clearly out of balance and on shaky ground. I wasn’t having fun, infact I had the flight or fight reaction playing out in my head and had a good mind to leave my holiday midway and get back to my safe zone - My home with my sweetheart and my kids. Instead, I reminded myself about my identity as a deliberate creator. I know and believe in the power of focus. I know that I create whatever I experience. And only I can get myself out of an unpleasant experience. So the first thing I did was I meditated. Meditation helps me to reconnect with my higher self. It helps me connect to source/the universe. It helps me activate the feeling of feeling loved, of being special. It fills me with compassion for myself and others. Then I made a mental note of everything that I liked about this holiday. The beautiful mountains where we were holidaying. The connections that I was making with the people in our group. The quality time that I was getting to spend with my sweetheart. The fact that my kids were having a blast with their cousins. I then wrote all of this down to improve my focus on what gave me pleasure. These processes helped me lift my sinking vibe immediately. The anger subsided. I could feel the bubble of happiness starting to grow inside of me. I got a glimpse of what I wanted to achieve through this holiday which was to have fun. The situation got way more messier before it got better. There was more drama before things settled down. But I held steady in my new improved vibration. I continued to affirm and use my power of focus to notice and appreciate what was pleasurable in my experience and within half a day it became easier to ignore the unpleasant situation. Now I was feeling good. I felt sure and stable in my vibe. And then something wonderful happened, I met a stranger who drew me towards her and we connected, shared our stories and felt our souls connect as if we knew each other. I felt so grateful having met a person who I had a lot in common with and I have a feeling that we will be spending more time with each other in the future. At the end, I got an amazing opportunity to coach the people who I am closest to in my extended family to help them get aligned to who they truly are. I got an opportunity to see them in my minds eye living their best life and to guide them towards their highest purpose - To be happy and to feel loved. I know if I had carried down the path of focusing on what was unpleasant and unwanted I would have ended up with more of the same. Like attracts like. Take charge of how you feel. Grow your “focusing on what you want” muscle. If you are in a similar sticky situation and need some support to get your vibration in place, I would love to chat with you. You can reach out to me at

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