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Our beliefs

Are you aware of your beliefs? Did you know that the thoughts that you think very often become your beliefs? Like when I was a child I noticed that when I was very happy and joyful, afterward something would happen that would put me in trouble with my mum and I would get shouted at or sometimes punished. This made me think that every time I am really really happy something bad would happen just after. The more I thought that the more I experienced events that were a match to it. As that is how the universe works. Remember, like attracts like. As time passed, this set in me as a belief. Many years ago when I started my journey in understanding myself, my world and how I could create a life which was more joyful, I started by revamping my beliefs. I spent a whole year becoming aware of my beliefs and rewrote those that were not serving me anymore. Beliefs play a huge part in how our life turns out and what we attract to ourselves. The best way to know if a belief is serving you well or not is by noticing how it makes you feel.

For example - When I noticed that my belief that my mother loves my younger sister more than me made me feel sad or deprived, I worked to release this old belief and replace it with the belief that “ I am loved and I am safe” and “ The universe has my back”. This not only made me feel much better but eventually changed my entire relationship with my family for the better. You just have to be so passionate about making your own joy a priority that letting go of a non serving belief becomes easier to do.

Of course it requires awareness, discipline and practice. But the results will delight you in ways you can't even imagine now. Science has proven that neurons that fire together wire together. In other words, our beliefs have been hard-wired into our brain and it's the lens through which we experience our world. To change them it's as simple as flipping the old belief every time you notice it creep up with a new belief that serves you better. Then notice and appreciate the evidence of what the new belief brings to your life. Some of the limiting or not serving me well beliefs that I have replaced or am in the process of replacing are : I am unsafe / This world is a safe place. I am not loved / I am loved I am alone / I am connected to everyone and to this loving universal intelligence Money is just about enough / Money is my best friend and is always delighting me Life is a struggle / Life is easy I need to be something to be successful / I am living a life with purpose and joy and that is my success.

I simply started by affirming to myself the belief that I wanted to have and with time I noticed experiences that were a match to this new belief which naturally helped to strengthen my new belief.

As a deliberate creator, our beliefs are critical in helping us create the life we desire. So why not create beliefs around money, health, relationships and our purpose that serve us well rather than create more struggle and stress.

Remember once again beliefs are just thoughts that you think over and over again.

If you need a coach to help you figure out which of your beliefs are preventing you from living a life filled with joy and attract the very best then I would love to chat with you. You can write to me at

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