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  • Nikky

To do or not to !

As deliberate creators, we understand that “alignment trumps everything” Alignment means your vibrations ( in the form of thoughts and feelings) are a match to your desires and wants. So in other words you are able to think and feel as if what you desire is already here - Its a done deal ! Now back to “ Alignment trumps everything” and that includes any action. What this means is if you take action without alignment, then its a waste of your energy and time. So what does action without alignment look and feel like. Let's dig a bit deeper. Remember as we talk about this subject that there is nothing more important than that you feel good and there is no higher purpose in life than for you to experience joy.

So here are some of the signs to look out for that are a red flag that you are taking action without alignment.

  • You are only taking action because you think you are supposed to or because others expect you to or because you are unable to trust the process of deliberation creation.

  • Taking the action makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed and drained.

  • Taking the action feels upstream.

  • Taking the action makes you even more aware that what you want is not here yet.

Conversely here is what action with alignment looks like

  • You have a strong impulse, urge or intuition to take a certain action.

  • You are excited taking the action.

  • You are energized taking the action.

  • And most of all you are inspired to take the action.

Here is a real life story that will help you understand this difference even better. In 2010 my husband and I along with our son moved to Sydney, Australia from India. We moved on a work visa that my husband's employer had sponsored.

We, however, wanted to become permanent residents here as soon as we were eligible as that would mean that if hubby dear was to lose his job we won't have to go back to India . Now we were eligible to apply for this PR as soon as we completed two years on the work visa that meant by June of 2012. Meanwhile, there were five sets of restructuring at the company my husband works for . Which meant that if they decided to let him go we would all have to move back. Something we didn't want !! He somehow managed to keep the job through all those changes. As soon as we became eligible for PR, we started chasing the agency that handles PR applications for the employees and each time the process to apply would get held up for some reason or other. We were making no progress in submitting the application to the government. And our feeling of insecurity grew with every rejection and delay . Eventually, we sat down and evaluated why our reality was not matching our desire . We realized that though we were being positive and doing the various processes to create alignment there was this sneaky feeling of neediness underlying our actions. So we slowed down enough, to notice that feeling, we acknowledged it and then reasoned with each other on "why" we needed to have this very important PR. We concluded that it would let us live in this beautiful country and not have to go back. We then realized that WE ARE living in this beautiful country and the universe has given us WHAT WE WANT. And that the PR was just a formality that needed to be completed. That shifted something in us. We then started feeling a lot of relief, we gave up all action as we felt that there was nothing more that we could do and we started deliberately focusing on what we love about Sydney. Two weeks later we get a call from the agency that they finally were able to get everything in order and have applied for the PR. Ten days further in record time we got our Permanent Residency. That is why sometimes it's helpful to talk to a Law of Attraction coach who can guide you towards your alignment. Since that manifestation I have become smarter at only taking action when it is inspired.

I would love you to give a bit of thought before you take and check your alignment.

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