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Who decides our value ?

I often see in our society, people greet each other by asking about what the other person has been doing? Often people are so obsessed with action that finding out how the other person is feeling doesn’t even cross their mind.never-ending As a society there is a huge focus on our external world - our possessions, the car we drive, whether we own a house or not, if we are working or not, how much do we earn, how many clients do we have, how much do we weigh, which school do we plan to send our kids to and it's never-ending. With this focus on our external world, we then spend all our effort and energy in tracking how we are doing in these areas. How much money have we saved, the income we have received, the weight we have lost and holidays we’ve been on just to name a few. What happens when you spend so much of your precious energy tracking? You end up feeling dissatisfied, or even if you experience satisfaction, it is for a fleeting moment and then you are back to feeling impatient and anxious as if something is missing. For the past few years, after I moved to Australia with my family, I have battled with negative thoughts about my value. And only through my inner work, my spiritual work, I have gained clarity on my value. And the more I talk to my clients the more I realize this is a chronic problem that exists in our society. We tend to place more value to ourselves, when we are thin, successful, earning well, doing well and not on us feeling well. The more I focused on my inner world, my meditation practice, my joy that came from being of service to other people, the joy I feel with my connection to source/ universe/ god, the more valuable I felt. The more precious I became to myself.

I urge you to not fall into this vicious cycle where you think that your value is linked to your external world and what you have amassed in your life in terms of things. If you want to experience more permanent or long-lasting joy and happiness, you must invest in your inner growth, build your connection with your higher self and love and accept yourself for who you are. Know that who you are is not what you do, earn, weigh or own. You are divine or an extension of source/god/universal energy.

You are valuable because you exist. Don’t let how other people see you, approve of you or judge you determine your own value. Please know that - You are valuable You are enough You are awesome just the way you are, You are loved You are appreciated for who you are irrespective of what you do in your life. It might be difficult for you to feel this love and appreciation until you develop a relationship with your higher self/ source/ god because it is through this connection that you can feel your value, you can feel the love and you can feel the appreciation for who you are.

If you need support to get you started on this journey, please reach out to me at

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