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8 ways executives can use Law of Attraction to make their work life more harmonious

Statistics show that people spend 50 % of their total waking hours during any given work day at their job or work. That is a lot of time in your life that you spend at work. So basically how you feel at work directly determines the quality of your life . Most people work as a means to an end. The goal being to earn an income and save money to do the things that make them happy. If you are one of the lucky few that work in a role that you love and in an environment that is conducive to your happiness, then this might not be helpful to you. For the rest of you, wouldn't you love to know how you could make your present job/ work more pleasurable? Here I have shared with you 8 ways you can bring more harmony to your job so you can experience more joy at work.

  1. Start with intention - Conscious living starts with a deliberate intention. So start your day with the intention that you want to experience harmony at your work place, harmony with your boss, team and peers. Set an intention that you will meet your goals and it will be easy and fulfilling. Now take a few deep breaths and really feel in your heart how it would feel to have those intentions come true in your reality.

  2. Make a list of positive aspects about your organization / job - The laws of the universe say that what you vibrate you attract, in other words what you think and feel is what you attract. So spend some time thinking about the positive aspects of your job or organisation that you work for. Write them down if you are inspired to. Now I know it is easy to get swept up with the feelings of overwhelm and stress that come with the many demands of working in the corporate world. But by sitting down and deliberately focusing on the things that you do like about your organisation and job, you are directing energy towards what you like and want more of rather than on what you do not want.

  3. Make a list of positive aspects about your immediate supervisor -The relationship you have with your immediate supervisor largely decides whether you will continue to work for the same organisation or will attempt to move to another. This relationship directly affects the quality of your work life. To bring out the best in this relationship you will have to learn to focus on what's to like about your boss rather than what's not to. The more you focus on his/her positive qualities, behavior and actions, the more you will enjoy your interactions with your boss. The energy you send out, especially with people is what you get back. So send out good vibes to your boss and you can do that by deliberately writing down a list of positive aspects of her/him.

  4. Meditate daily even if it is 10 minutes - The effects of meditation last much beyond the time that you are meditating.If you practice regular meditation, it will help you gain perspective about the challenges you go through at work, you will be calmer and more connected to your higher self. This, in turn will lift your vibration and help you experience more harmony in your relationships at work and in your personal life.

  5. Make a gratitude list for your life and include your job in it- Gratitude and love hold the highest vibration and so when you activate the emotions that come by being grateful for what you have and appreciate in your life then the universe sends you more of what you are appreciating.Consciously appreciating the good things in your life which should also include you having a job and all that comes with it will help you feel good about going to work and improve the quality of that 50% of the time that you spend at work.

  6. Make self-care important , during work and after work hours- This is probably the most important way that you can experience more joy at work and that is by doing things for yourself in your daily routine at work and after work . Whether they are small or big things , take the time out to look after yourself, whether that is taking a mini break from work to have coffee under the blue sky or getting up early to workout or just simply stretching and being mindful of your breathing. The point is to deliberately do things for yourself that give you joy and that remind you that you are valuable and deserve the best.

  7. Set boundaries- Setting boundaries is another way you look after yourself and prevent energy drainers and tolerances in your work life.Setting boundaries shows that you value yourself and want to stay true to yourself. That could mean setting boundaries on how you want to be treated at work or how much time you will spend at work or what projects you would like to be involved in.

  8. Believe in possibilities for yourself and your team- People who love their work are the ones who believe in possibilities for themselves and their teams.Take your attention away from “what is" to “what could be”. Dream a little, believe a little and trust that what you believe and feel to be a possibility is what you attract in your experience.

My intention is that you try some or all of these tools yourself and see if you start to feel better at work. And if you do start to feel better then that is a sure sign that your circumstances at work are in the process of becoming better and more harmonious and joyful for you. I would love you to share your thoughts and write in the comments below. Or you could reach me at

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