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Let it go

Let it go !

Lately I have been reviewing and reflecting how I have been feeling about a few things that have been on my mind. And I have realized that I feel anxious quite often about the stuff that hasn't shown up yet in my life. Its not a huge amount of stress or frustration, but the sneaky very subtle type of anxiousness that I can feel in my heart chakra. So I meditated to let the feelings come up and identify what can I shift or change or activate to get rid of this anxiousness that as a deliberate creator I know is detrimental to my creative process of manifesting what I want. And what came up for me is that I needed to " Let go" .

I realized I have been adding more energy to my desires by thinking about them with excitement but I was not letting go enough, letting it go so that there is room for the universe to do its magic. Now you might ask how do I know that that is what was missing or that needed to be done ? Well, as soon as I instructed myself to let it go - Breathe , let it go ...... I felt relief, I felt light, I felt myself floating, I felt peace. And my friend that is a sign that I am headed in the right way. Infact like Abe says, feeling better is the first sign of the manifestation. Since this insight came to me , I have seen more movement in my desires being manifested with more ease. Ofcouse it also meant that I had to be consistent and deliberate about my " Let it go" instruction to myself.

So check in with yourself and see if you need to let go of whatever you are trying to make happen in your life. Because the energy of " Trying to make it happen" or " using effort to make something happen" is counter productive to the vibration of your desire. And you will not be a match to your desire making it harder for the universe to bring it to you. I am so invested in consistently activating my “ let it go Nikky” vibe that I have decided to Tattoo it on myself as a birthday present to myself. I will put up a picture once I get one !

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