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  • Nikky Dhillon

A story about love and miracles .......

There was once a little girl who was very sad. She cried a lot and felt very unloved and un appreciated but what was wonderful about her was she always knew deep down that one day she would receive the love that she wants and craves for so badly. As she grew into a teenager, she fantasized about a prince who would come on a silver horse and rescue her and then love and protect her forever. And then when she was 16 years old, things became really bad for her, her family broke up, there was stress and emotional turmoil everywhere in her life and through all that mess her Prince showed up. He rescued her on his silver horse and then loved her and protected her forever and ever. That little girl was me , and I met my sweetheart in school when I was 16. And we have been together since then. He had a silver scooter those days , I always wondered at the synchronicity of that. Of course there was much more to the living happily ever after than what most people see. You see if I continued to look at my sweetheart to give me love and keep me safe which meant that I didn’t believe that I loved myself enough or that I was enough or that I was safe in this wonderful world, then our beautiful love would have choked and died under the unhealthy pressure of keeping me happy and loved. Fortunately , I learnt to love myself, heal myself and complete myself on my own. Of course it was so much easier to do that with the loving and caring support of my sweetheart. We got married 12 years ago and have two beautiful children. ( Rampage alert !! ) He is the sort of man who calls me beautiful every singe day, we kiss and cuddle every day, we still miss each other when we are not together, we have grown and learnt immensely but together. He is the sort of man who supports me yet gives me space. He comes back from work and makes me a cup of tea knowing that I have taken care of the house and kids all day long and would love a moment by myself. He is generous and down to earth. He is a super amazing dad. He is my favorite client to coach, I have seen him shift his energy too often not to believe that he is magical. He can bend reality to work for him. He has seen me through thick and thin .... ha ha .... thats really true. And I am so very grateful for having him as my partner. And I know that focussing on whats amazing about him and being grateful for all the love that he showers on me creates more of the same for me. I also know that loving myself and being responsible for my own happiness makes our relationship light, easy and full of harmony. In this new year I wish you more harmony in your relationships as well. Sending you all lots of love and my best wishes for the new year.


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